Activities for kids

If you are visiting Valencia with children, you might be interested in some places to visit or activities to do that your kids might like a lot. On this page of Tours Valencia, you can find several recommendations.


Many children love to observe what animals are doing; therefore the Bioparc in Valencia can be a huge success. In this beautiful Zoo, you can find various animals from the African continent such as: hyenas, elephants, zebras, lions, rhinos and many more.
For more information see Bioparc Valencia.

Playground Gulliver

The giant Gulliver is tied up on the floor and it is situated in the Turia Park (at the end of “calle Peris y Valero”). You can enter this playground for free. There are various slides, climbing racks and very often a lot of children.


Midget Golf

There is a midget golf very close to the playground Gulliver. At the restaurant next to the midget golf you can collect your gear, golf clubs and balls. If you want to get golf clubs and balls, you need a driver’s license/passport or €20 to pay as a guarantee. If you do not lose a club or a ball, the midget golf is for free.


In the Hemisfèric, which is a part of the City of Arts and Sciences, you can see different interesting movies on an IMAX screen. Several movies are shown every day at a different time. At the beginning of the movie, you will get earphones and you will be able to choose a language (English, French, Spanish, Valenciano). For more information see Hemisfèric.

Family bicycle

What can be more fun than to make a tour, with a family bike (called cyclos) in the Turia park. You can find these bikes close to the Gulliver playground in the Turia park. You can rent a bike for 2-3 or for 4-6 persons. For more information see Valenciabikes.

Science Museum

The Science museum isn’t only a place where you and your children can learn a lot about many things related to life science and technology, but it is also a lot of fun. You will learn a lot in an interactive and fun way. For more information see Science museum.

Taurino Museum

The Taurino museum isn’t very big, but quite interesting. If you want to know more about bullfighting, the bullfighting area, bulls and various other related subjects, this museum is worth a visit. The entrance is free. Furthermore you can have a look inside the “Plaza de Toros”.
taurino museum
For more information see Museo Taurino.

Lunch/dinner at 100 montaditos

At Plaza de la Reina, you can find 100 montaditos. This is a restaurant, where you can choose from 100 different kinds of small sandwiches. Besides sandwiches they serve fries and salads. On the tables you will find pens and papers and you have to fill in on a paper which sandwiches you would like to have. Also for children there are enough options they might like, such as: a sandwich with tortilla de patatas, a sandwich with ham, a sandwich with cheese and of course fries.
100 mondaditos


• Spanish people are used to having dinner quite late. If your children aren’t used dine late in the evening, you might want to choose to have dinner in the city centre. Because here several restaurants/tapasbars are open all day long or open early for dinner.

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