Post office

Are you planning to visit Valencia? Then you might be interested in some more information about the beautiful Post Office of Valencia.

On Plaza del Ayuntamiento, or Municipal Square, you will find the main Post office of Valencia. The Palacio de Correos y Telégrafos is designed by Miguel Ángel Navarro in 1914. They started building the place in 1915, but it got delayed to 1922 because of circumstances. It has been used as a post office since 1923. You will recognize all kinds of different styles in this building. For example you can see Classicism, Modernism and Baroc. Not only the outside of this building looks impressive, also the inside is definitely worth to see.

For those who wonder what the weird ‘tower-thing’ on top of the post office is; it is a telecommunications tower. There used to be a real telecommunications tower on top of the building, but the one you see now is just a replica, therefore it is not used anymore.

Post office

Address post office

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 24

Opening hours

Monday – Friday, from 08.30 – 20.30 hour
Saturday, from 09.30 – 14.00 hour

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